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Swift Auditing and Advisory's Corporate Tax Consultation service aims to serve as a vital partnership for your business. We focus on finding opportunities to improve your company's financial health, giving your business multiple solutions for growth objectives.

What is Corporate Tax Consultancy?

Corporate Tax Consultancy is essential for any business in the UAE that seeks to understand and adapt to the region’s corporate tax regulations effectively. Our service offers detailed tax compliance strategies, liability, and planning guidance. Corporate Tax Consultancy is even more important since taxable income from profits over AED 375,000 now faces a 9% tax.

What We Offer

Swift Audit & Advisory provides a comprehensive consultancy service that includes:

  • Determining the impact of Corporate Tax on your business’s operations and profitability
  • Strategizing to lessen any tax liabilities while remaining compliant
  • Providing guidance on certain provisions that include the use of tax credits for foreign taxes paid
  • Support with documentation and compliance with international standards like the Organisation for Economic - Co-operation and Development Transfer Pricing Guidelines

We tailor advice according to your business’s needs and unique circumstances based on the challenges it faces. Trust Swift Audit & Advisory to help you secure beneficial tax treatments and incentives, all while remaining compliant with UAE tax law. To find out more, contact us to speak to one of our experts.

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