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The Food and Consumer Goods industry, also known as the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, or FMCG, is vital to the UAE's economy, encompassing a wide array of products from food and beverages to household and beauty items. The FMCG industry faces the challenge of maintaining quick supply chain cycles to meet the rising consumer demand. A significant portion of this market thrives due to robust imports facilitated through Jebel Ali Port, alongside a notable increase in online sales of fast-moving consumer goods.

The competitive landscape in the UAE's FMCG sector is intensifying. Factors such as population growth, enhanced consumer purchasing power, and increased disposable income are driving a surge in demand, particularly for food products. This dynamic market environment enables consumers to access high-quality goods at competitive prices. For FMCG companies, it is crucial to monitor supply chains closely, manage inventory efficiently, and ensure a steady supply throughout the year to remain competitive.

What You Get With Swift

Business Growth

Partnering with Swift as your trusted financial advisor positions your organization for sustainable growth and expansion. We provide detailed financial record analysis, allowing you to compare various financial aspects such as sales, expenses, and purchases. This empowers your business with the insight needed for strategic planning and decision-making.

Enhanced Credibility

Professionally audited financial statements enhance your company's credibility with stakeholders, including investors and clients. At Swift, we offer ICV certifications and integrate them into our services, thereby adding significant value to your organization and fostering progress and prosperity.

Keeping Records Up-to-Date

Swift ensures timely updates to your company's financial records, particularly concerning accounts and VAT. Keeping your financial data current enhances your organization's financial management and internal controls, enabling precise and effective decision-making.


Our experts assist your organization in complying with various regulatory authorities, and adapting to new procedures and policies as they are implemented by the FTA. Swift is committed to keeping your organization informed and compliant with the latest tax regulations and policies as announced by government entities.


The Benefits of Choosing Swift 

Swift is deeply familiar with the structures of the FMCG sector, where the timely management of product expiration and degradation is critical. We specialize in implementing inventory management practices such as the "Last In, First Out" or "First In, Last Out" principles, tailored to suit the specific needs of consumable goods.

Our team comprises experts proficient in accounting practices and tax treatments, enabling us to offer comprehensive support. Swift goes beyond advising on accounting procedures; we actively assist in the implementation and execution of these strategies to foster the growth and prosperity of your business.

Our Services to the Food and Consumer Goods Industry

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