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Let Swift Audit & Advisory simplify your business’s Value Added Tax (VAT) registration process. Offering expert advice and guidance, our team lends the most reliable support to businesses, guaranteeing them peace of mind from any tax penalties. 

What is VAT Registration?

VAT is a consumption tax, one imposed based on the value added to goods and services at every stage of a business’s production or distribution. Since January 2018, VAT has become a major source of revenue for the UAE, helping to support the country’s public services. VAT is primarily charged at a rate of 5%, with certain exceptions and zero-rated categories. Registration is essential and required for businesses that meet specific criteria.

What We Offer

We offer comprehensive services to streamline the VAT registration process for your business. Our experts provide guidance and assistance with both mandatory and voluntary VAT registrations, helping you determine the appropriate timing and procedure based on your business’s annual income and economic forecasts. We ensure that all necessary invoices and financial records are compliant with UAE tax law, offering support for compliance and documentation. Our tailored advice is designed to meet the needs of all business owners, whether or not they are UAE residents. Additionally, we provide continuous support, offering ongoing advice and updates on VAT regulations to ensure your business remains compliant with any changes in VAT or tax law.

We aim to make VAT registration as straightforward and stress-free for your business as possible. With Swift Audit & Advisory, you can trust us to guide you every step of the way without the fear of non-compliance, all through a customized approach that puts your business and its needs first. To find out more, contact us to speak to one of our experts.

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