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Highly specialized expertise is required to navigate the many economic regulations and requirements your business will be subject to in the UAE. Find it with Swift Audit & Advisory and our essential Compliance and Regulatory Guidance service which will help ensure your business, whether it operates in a free zone or the mainland, complies with all applicable laws and regulations, avoiding any penalties and operational disruptions.

What is Compliance and Regulatory Guidance?

Compliance and Regulatory Guidance relates to understanding and adhering to UAE authorities' legal and regulatory frameworks. By doing so, businesses may operate as required and be well-prepared for any potential changes to economic laws.  

What We Offer

Our Compliance and Regulatory Guidance service will ensure every aspect of regulatory compliance for your business is adhered to by informing you about the latest developments in UAE economic laws, including the Foreign Direct Investment Law and Economic Substance Regulations, letting your business align with national goals. We identify and meet the multiple requirements of the UAE’s VAT framework and corporate tax obligations using expert guidance tailored to your business’s unique needs.

Additionally, we offer customized compliance strategies that address specific regional requirements based on where your business may be located, be it a free zone or the mainland. Our service facilitates direct communication with specific governmental bodies like the Ministry of Economy, the Federal Tax Authority, and the Dubai Department of Economy & Tourism to ensure your business is compliant in every aspect of its operations. Furthermore, we conduct regularly scheduled compliance audits that identify potential issues before they affect your business operations and prevent negative legal or financial consequences.

Swift Audit & Advisory’s expertise and familiarity with the various UAE tax and economic regulations make it the ideal solution for keeping your business compliant and operationally sound. Let us be your guide and let your business grow with confidence. To find out more, contact us to speak to one of our experts.

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