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Swift Audit & Advisory offers a premium external audit service that thoroughly and independently examines your company’s financial records. This service is indispensable for companies operating in the UAE, which has unique tax laws and regulations.

What Is External Auditing?

An external audit involves verifying a company’s financial records performed by an authorized auditor who evaluates the accuracy and integrity of all financial reporting. This is a crucial requirement in the UAE, where transparent and fair representation of companies’ financial health is constantly required.

What We Offer

The External Auditing service offered by Swift Audit & Advisory provides a team of experts with multi-level expertise to perform a thorough and insightful evaluation. We cater to the diverse needs of businesses and provide an in-depth financial statement analysis with our experts conducting thorough evaluations of records to determine fairness, accuracy, and compliance with international accounting standards. Additionally, we evaluate your business’s operational processes and compliance with UAE regulations for improved efficiency and adherence to legal requirements. Our service includes detailed audit plans that address key areas of concern and risk regarding your financial reporting to avoid any possible violations. After the audit, we provide strategic recommendations to offer a plan of action based on the recommendations made. Lastly, a final audit report includes all findings and suggestions for improvements.

Choosing Swift Audit & Advisory means selecting a partner who is a leader in audit solutions, one recognized for precision and reliability. With a deep understanding of the UAE’s business landscape, we can promise the highest level of accuracy and efficiency for your business’s external audit needs. To learn more, contact us to speak to one of our experts.

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