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Swift Audit & Advisory’s Due Diligence service is critical for uncovering potentially hidden risk factors associated with your business and its operations.

What is a Due Diligence Audit?

A Due Diligence Audit critically examines a company for the sake of any potential investors, buyers or financial partners who seek to make potential business arrangements. It helps all parties involved to make educated decisions based on current and past data that can have a positive impact on future business transactions.

What We Offer

The Due Diligence Audit Service from Swift Audit & Advisory examines multiple factors of a business’s capabilities and offers the following:

Financial due diligence involves the analysis of financial statements and data, both historical and current, along with forecasts and evaluations. This creates a clear image of a business’s financial health. Operational Due Diligence is conducted by our team of experts who determine the efficiency of a business and its operations, critically examining its technology, inventory, and procedures to determine how effective and sustainable its business model is. Legal Due Diligence ensures that all potential legal risks are understood and accounted for. Our team confirms compliance with all UAE legal requirements, regardless of whether the business is in a free zone or on the mainland. In addition, Human Resources Due Diligence involves a thorough assessment of all Human Resources (HR) policies and practices for a company, ensuring they comply with UAE law. Finally, our Vendor and Buyer-Side Services are designed to cater to buyers and sellers, aiming to provide tailored insights to help maximize returns on investments.

Swift Audit & Advisory carefully examines every aspect of a business, so you can be sure every aspect of a potential investment is thoroughly scrutinized for maximum profitability and security. To find out more, contact us to speak to one of our experts.

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